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FOUR Reasons why you may be suffering bad breath

Always have a packet of extra minty gum on you to mask that bad breath you’re suffering from? Or maybe you keep your distance when speaking to people ? Suffering from bad breath is not uncommon and almost always there’s a cause to your bad breath.  


Our mouths are the gateway to our body and it’s best to think of it like a two way street. There are processes happening within our body affecting the biome in our mouths and then there’s exposure to the outside world like food that has a heavy influence. With an influx from both ends, there is a lot that can affect the odour of our breath.


To break it down simply, here are some common reasons why you may be suffering bad breath:


  1. Dry Mouth –The production of saliva helps to cleanse the mouth and odours associated. A dry mouth is the result of decreased saliva production and commonly happens whilst we’re sleeping which can lead to “morning breath”. Help increase saliva flow by increasing your uptake of water.


  1. Poor dental hygiene – Lack of brushing or poor oral hygiene can lead to plaque build up and it’s the bacteria within the plaque film can lead to bad breath. Brush thoroughly, frequently and remember to floss.



  1. The tongue – A white coating on the tongue screams bad breath. Remember to brush your tongue every time you brush your teeth using the designated “tongue cleaning” section on the back of your toothbrush or using devices like a tongue scraper.



  1. Medical Conditions – Other conditions like tonsil stones or GERD (Acid Reflux) can alter the microbiome in your mouth and lead to bad breath.



Whilst it can feel embarrassing and unpleasant, most often bad breath is a condition that can be cured if you can narrow down the cause of it. If you feel your still struggling with bad breath, email us at or consult with your general dental professional for further assistance.

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