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Mamelons | What are they?

Those grooves on the edges of your front teeth .. Have you ever wondered why they’re there? Do you ever wish they were a perfectly straight edge ? How do you get rid of them?

File:Mamelons.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsThose grooves and humps on the edges of your front teeth are known as “mamelons”. Mamelons develop on the top four and bottom four incisor teeth and do actually serve a purpose greater than what meets the eye! They actually help the front teeth poke through the gum when they first erupt while also helping you bite and tear into food. For some, you may have noticed that you used to have these grooves on your teeth and they suddenly disappeared ? Ever wondered where they went?

Mamelons generally wear away with age and they become seemingly unnoticeable or have completely disappeared. For some people however, they do not disappear.

For a purely cosmetic reason, some may choose to have the mamelons on their teeth removed and good news is, it can be done! A procedure known as “enameloplasty” can be performed by your dental professional where  a small spinning disc or drill is used to smooth the edges of your teeth and give them the straight edge you’re after. The process of smoothing off the edges of your teeth and removing the mamelons is a seemingly simple procedure that should not cause any sensitivity as it will not penetrate beyond the enamel to expose the layer below, dentine.

Disclaimer: It is always best to speak to your dental professional about any dental procedure you’re wishing to have done to make sure it is suitable for you.





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