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How much toothpaste is enough?

"Will using more toothpaste make my teeth extra clean?", the answer is quite simply NO. Excessive use of toothpaste can cause more harm than good especially for children as their teeth are developing. This can cause dental fluorosis if enough toothpaste is ingested and cause damage to the enamel.

Why do we use too much toothpaste? Is it because we grew up watching oral care ads showing an overflow of toothpaste floating over a branded toothbrush? Followed by an extra big smile to finish off? Regardless, it is time we stopped halving the shelf life of our toothpaste tubes and became more efficient in the way we use our toothpaste.

Infact, The Australian Dental Association recommends that less is more and a pea sized amount of toothpaste is all your bright smile needs!

Next time you bring out that toothpaste tube, let the little voice in your head remind you how much you really need. A pea size amount.

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